VinTech lubricants are formulated using proprietary nGlide additive technology nanoengineered to a scale up to 40 times smaller than other additive systems available. This allows our lubricants to coat surfaces at a molecular level, providing more effective and longer-lasting surface protection. No other line of lubricants offers this level of protection from extreme pressures and friction, erosion, and corrosion. Customers using our lubricants experience extended service life, reduced maintenance cost, and better performance from their equipment.

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Our AtomLube line of products brings this specially engineered surface technology to greases, pastes, and sealants for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

Truck chassis
  • HD applications
  • High temperature protection
  • Chassis and wheel bearing lubrication
  • Rail curve / wheel flange lubrication
  • Gearbox
  • High speed bearing
  • Coupling
  • Marine applications
  • Dielectric and corrosion protection
  • Food industry lubrication
  • Valve lubricants and sealants
  • Assembly and anti-seize
  • Racing wheel bearing
  • Robot lubrication
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Our versatile nano-engineered additive also enhances lubricating oils in our AtomOil line of products for further applications:

Die Casting Machine
  • Hydraulic system lubrication
  • Slide way lubrication
  • Die casting plunger tip
  • Machining
  • Metal processing
  • Automatic transmission
  • Racing gearbox
  • General assembly
  • Drone lubrication
  • Firearm maintenance
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