AtomOil Extreme Pressure Gear Oil

Extreme Pressure Gear Oil

AtomOil Extreme Pressure Gear Oil is designed to increase industrial gearbox efficiency by reducing wear, thermo-oxidation, and deposit formations. AtomOil Gear Oil’s excellent surface adhesion reduces maintenance costs by combating friction and providing increased component life, even under extreme pressure and temperatures.

AtomOil Gear Oil resists breaking down at high temperatures and pressures, making it an ideal lubricant for top drive gear boxes, and power ends of mud pumps and hydraulic fracturing pressure pumps.



Pressure Pumping

Designed to reduce equipment breakdown

Mud Pumping

Excellent performance at extreme temperatures and pressures

Top Drive Systems

Protects gearbox components


  • Improved extreme-pressure wear protection
  • Superior thermal stability
  • Extended service life and energy savings
  • Less foaming and good air release properties
  • Excellent oxidation stability and less sludge formation
  • Excellent protection against wearing and scoring due to high speeds and heavy loads


5 gallon pail

16 gallon keg

55 gallon drum