AtomOil Ultra Wireline Lubricant 12750

Ultra Wireline Lubricant 12750

AtomOil Ultra Wireline Lubricant is a high performance lubricant designed for protection against excessive wear and premature failure of wirelines, cables, and flow tubes. AtomOil's nano-engineered formulation provides excellent protection against salt water and H2S corrosion and long-lasting tribological performance, even at extreme pressures and temperatures.

AtomOil Ultra Wireline Lubricant is specially designed for lubrication and sealing of braided wirelines and cables in down-hole environments where exposure to moisture, H2S, and corrosive chemicals occur.



Downhole Environments

Formulated to resist chemical and water damage

Wireline Operations

Long grease life for extended lubrication intervals

Coiled Tubing

Super adhesive formulation for no sling-off or drip


  • Oustanding extreme pressure lubrication and wear protection
  • Superior adhesion to prevent sling off, splatter, and drip
  • Stable performance in extreme temperatures
  • Outstanding chemical and salt water corrosion resistance
  • Pumpable for easy application


1 gallon pail

5 gallon pail

16 gallon keg

55 gallon drum

330 gallon tote

Note: This product has a lead time of four weeks 

  • Available in 24 and 26 viscosities
  • Ask about our high-pressure pumps, air supply and discharge hoses, and other custom accessories for your application.