AtomOil Ultra Synthetic Valve Fluid

Ultra synthetic valve fluid

AtomOil Ultra Synthetic Valve Fluid is a super-slick high-performance lubricant designed for use on freshly machined equipment to eliminate initial damage during assembly and testing. Formulated with a proprietary nano-additive, this lubricant works to form a uniquely adherent film on metal surfaces that resists water, acids, and other contaminants that cause corrosion.

AtomOil Ultra Synthetic Valve Fluid prevents scuffing, scoring, and friction when used on freshly machined equipment. It is designed for use as a preliminary lubricant for valve parts to provide maximum protection during installation. It can also be used by mechanics and technicians to pre-lube bearings, cams, and lifters.

Ultra Syn Fluid


New Valve Components

Eliminates initial damage during assembly and testing

Metal Fabrication

Great for protecting metal in transport or storage

Automotive Parts

Excellent pre-lube for new and replacement bearings, cams, and lifters


  • Outstanding scuffing, scoring, and galling protection
  • Excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance
  • Compatible with other brands of mineral and synthetic oils
  • Resists water and contaminants for long term storage of parts
  • Excellent thermal stability
  • Enhanced with load carrying capability


5 gallon pail

16 gallon keg

55 gallon drum

Note: This product has a lead time of four weeks