AtomLube Ultra-Performance Plunger Packing Grease

Plunger packing grease

AtomLube Ultra-Performance Plunger Packing Grease provides long-lasting protection to moving mechanical parts for improved component performance and longer equipment life. Fortified by nGlide® leading-edge multi-component nanolubricant additives, Plunger Packing Grease delivers optimal protection against aggressive frictional wear and tribocorrosion, and hence reduces equipment breakdown even in the presence of corrosive salts and other contaminants.

This product is typically applied to mud and pressure pumping fluid ends that specify use of a NLGI 0, 00 or 000 grease for sealing and lubrication.

Plunger Packing Grease


Pressure Pumping

Excellent performance in severe conditions to minimize equipment breakdown

Mud Pumping

Resists water, H2S, proppants, and other contaminants to keep equipment well lubricated and free of damage


  • Prevents leaks
  • Reduces Lubricant Consumption
  • Prolongs the useful like of equipment and reduces downtime
  • Improves performance in a wide range of temperatures
  • Forms sacrificial nanoscale tribolayers between metal surfaces to eliminate welding and scoring associated with severe shock loading
  • Protects metal surfaces from harmful effects of H2S & CO2, water, acidity, and other contaminants.


400 lb drum

3000 lb tote

  • Available in 0, 00, and 000 viscosities
  • Ask about our high-pressure pumps, air supply and discharge hoses, and other custom accessories for your application.