Advanced Lubricant and Coatings Solutions


VinTech Nano Materials, LLC will be the new company name of the nanoengineered lubricants, coatings and cutting tools manufacturing company, formerly known as NanoMech, Inc. This name change follows a previous announcement that, Vinmar International, a Houston-based global marketing, distribution and project development company, acquired the operational assets of NanoMech, Inc. on August 1, 2019.

This is the first in a series of strategic improvements by VinTech Nano Materials to its provision of technologies that maximize productivity by extending service life through use of nanoengineered solutions. “We are excited for what this renewed positioning and new ownership brings to VinTech Nano Materials, our customers and the markets we influence,” said VinTech Nano Materials CEO, Rustom Mody.

The AtomLube®, AtomOil®, GUARDx®, nGUARD® and TuffTek® brands will continue to represent the company’s differentiated product line. Customers who have relied on the unsurpassed performance of these brands will continue to receive them with the added resources and financial strength of Vinmar International. Looking ahead, VinTech Nano Materials will strive to be a professionally managed manufacturer of proprietary, commercially-viable nanotechnologies that improve the performance and efficiencies of various products and equipment used across industrial and commercial markets.

About VinTech Nano Materials

VinTech Nano Materials is a nanotechnology manufacturer of specialty lubricants, chemicals, protective coatings and cutting tools. The patented multi-functional products improve material performance and maximize customer productivity and profit with safe, competitively priced, nano-engineered solutions. For their oil field, transportation and industrial customers, the products provide superior longevity through reduced downtime, improved asset protection, broader operating performance and increased efficiency versus other standard technologies.

About Vinmar

Vinmar is a global marketing, distribution and project development company headquartered in Houston, Texas, that brings value to the world’s leading producers and users of petrochemicals through tailored business solutions. Vinmar is able to fulfill its customer’s specific requirements while providing products from global sources with efficient supply chain execution and creative financial solutions. With 50 offices in 36 countries, Vinmar conducts business in over 100 countries with a strict adherence to compliance the laws of the United States and the countries where it operates.

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